Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whoa... Talk about fervent belief

I found this news item interesting:

"Indians reacted with shock this week after a report of human sacrifice to a Hindu goddess. A priest found the beheaded body of a 25-year-old man, adorned with red paint and surrounded by flowers and incense, at a temple to the goddess Kali in a remote village in eastern India. The sacrifice occurred during the Makar Sankranti, a Hindu festival celebrating the changing of the seasons. 'The slain torso had new clothes on the body,' a local official said. 'There was no indication of resistance.' The multi-armed kali, revered as a slayer of evil, is a rare example of a Hindu deity who demanded human sacrifice, although the practice was oulawed centuries ago. Nowadays, most kali worshippers use pumpkins to represent human bodies in sacrifice."

Curious. I got my info from the latest edition of The Week. Here are a couple of other links.

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