Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Kit Fox

"I am the Kit Fox
I live in uncertainty
If there is anything difficult
If there is anything dangerous to do
That is mine"

-- Song of the Kit Fox Society, a warrior lodge of the Lakota Sioux.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


What is... Parkour?

Sometimes called "freerunning," you will probably be most familiar with the concept if you've seen Casino Royale.

Remember the crazy bombmaker in Africa who leads Bond on a merry chase out of a mongoose/cobra fight through a construction site, and into a foreign embassy? Parkour.

It's French. (Like Savate.) And it is acrobatic. (Like Savate.) And it looks "goofy-cool." (Like Savate.) [Ok, that last one includes a little gem called "le canne." French stick fighting technique based on fencing movements. But that's a topic for another day. BTW, consider the speed being utilized in the Savate and Le Canne. FAST!]

I don't suggest you try parkour at home, or if you are over the age of 25. Too hard on your lower joints. You'll be needing those later. Stay home, watch a nice movie.

Loch Ness Monster Caught on film!

Unfortunately, this isn't the film in question... However, this is the BBC story on YouTube. The BBC doesn't usually air these stories, but the film is of pretty good quality and shows an "anomoly."
And for those who want the best footage EVER! Although this is pretty cool too...
This, on the other hand, is the only real footage we can be sure of...

Is this the end of Tony Soprano?

Sadly, it seems to be. Tony fades to black...

Meadow lives!!!!!