Wednesday, June 13, 2007


What is... Parkour?

Sometimes called "freerunning," you will probably be most familiar with the concept if you've seen Casino Royale.

Remember the crazy bombmaker in Africa who leads Bond on a merry chase out of a mongoose/cobra fight through a construction site, and into a foreign embassy? Parkour.

It's French. (Like Savate.) And it is acrobatic. (Like Savate.) And it looks "goofy-cool." (Like Savate.) [Ok, that last one includes a little gem called "le canne." French stick fighting technique based on fencing movements. But that's a topic for another day. BTW, consider the speed being utilized in the Savate and Le Canne. FAST!]

I don't suggest you try parkour at home, or if you are over the age of 25. Too hard on your lower joints. You'll be needing those later. Stay home, watch a nice movie.


mlk said...


Makers of such classic pass times such as " Let's Roll Over For the Nazis", " Let's Run Away", and who could forget the old favorite " It's Fun to Hate America".

Since they don't remember all of our brave Warriors burried on their shores.... why don't we bring them home. Arlington has a place of Honor for them.

Thanks jrf for reminding us just how goofy-cool the french are.

Savate indeed. Get a grip.

Mr. Roboto said...

mlk - Dude you've GOT to get laid...

mlk said...

ms roboto-
sorry to hear that the sand in your mangina has clouded your thinking. it will pass from what i undrstand.

when you tape your sack back over your taint and look at yourself in the mirror everday, just before you walk the streets as a shim, do you ever think of the people who defend your right to live such a depraved lifestyle?