Sunday, June 01, 2008


Well, it seems my early skepticism about the GI Joe movie was well-founded.

The early word was that "GI Joe: A Real American Hero" was being *ahem* updated to be an international strike force based out of Brussels. The fear in Hollywood was that George Bush and the Global War on Terror had made the concept of an American combat team fighting for freedom wherever there's trouble too unpalatable to be profitable throughout the world. Sounded like bad news to me.

Then word started trickling in about the casting... Unknown guy. Unknown guy. Kurt Russel. Unknown girl. Sienna Miller. Unknown guy. Marlon Wayans. Unknown guy. RAY PARK as Snake Eyes! Not so shabby on that last one.

Then the picture came out of the Snake Eyes costume. It was dead on perfect. Awesome news!

But they've released more pics, and it seems the answer for designing uniforms was to make all the Joes look just like Snake Eyes. All the originality is gone from the characters. Now, I didn't expect a football jersey wearing Bazooka to show up, but making all the uniforms basic black with form-fitting body armor?

There sounds like there's even more reason to hate here. "Nano-bomb?" Power Armor?