Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Losers

I'm bummed to be skipping The Losers this weekend. A series of personal and family obligations are keeping me from finding a good time to go.

First, it seems much better than The A-Team movie, and less of an eye-wink to the audience than The Expendables. Sure, it's formulaic -- with a cast of stereotypical characters defined by job descriptions and wardrobe choices. so what? As long as the sniper makes physics defying shots, the hand-to-hand guy kicks butt, and the girl looks hot: who cares?

Second, I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a pretty good badass. His turn as the Comedian in The Watchmen was dead-on. He's got physical "presence", by which I mean he's not some scrawny dude, nor is he some gym rat with muscles like over0inflated balloons. No, he's a big dude without being a "BIG DUDE." Yeah, I know he got all sensitive and made moon-eyes at Katherine Heigl on TV. He's got range. I still find him a believable badass.

Third, the movie has Chris Evans , who's signed to play Captain America. I still have no idea who this guy is. If I've seen him before it was forgettable. So, yeah, I'd like to see him in an Action Movie so I have some basis to judge whether or not he's got what it takes to play Steve Rogers. Now, which Loser is he? Is he the one in the elevator gag? Better hit the gym, guy; if you plan to play the Sentinel of Liberty...

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