Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man 2 delivers easter eggs

No spoilers ahead.

io9 reported on the content of the expected easter egg that will follow the credits of Iron Man 2. You can follow the link to io9 if you wish.

I love the Marvel movies for reliably adding these extra teasers for fans. It's fun to sit in the theater for a few extra minutes and has-out what just happened with my friends while we wait through the credits. Usually the easter egg has some significance to fans, but rarely is it a zinger cliffhanger.

But I don't like the idea of having more than one easter egg running in different prints in different theaters. They did that with Wolverine. I sat through the credits just to get Logan sitting in a bar drinking. A snippet of foreign language indicated he was probably in Japan, but for all I knew, in his amnesiac stupor, he could've wandered into a sushi joint in York, PA. This was lame. It didn't give me enough to want more. I needed more payoff from it.

When I got the DVD (and I did because while the story was so-so, it's still Wolverine clawing people up!), the ending tacked on was the far more satisfying resurrection of Weapon XI/Deadpool. That was some payoff. The Nick Fury reveal in Iron Man? BIG Payoff. Although it was only for the nerds. One guy I went with had no idea who Nick fury was, why Samuel L. Jackson was playing him, or even what the big deal was with the Avengers.

The Professor X resurrection at the end of X-Men: Last Stand? Medium payoff.

(I'm only now realizing there's a rebirth them going on here...)

Anyway... If the rumors are true about the Iron Man 2 stinger -- and io9 had a pic to prove it -- I expect a payoff somewhere between X-Men: Last Stand and Nick Fury.

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