Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Black Belt Test 2010

Last Friday night, my dojo held the Spring Black Belt Test; really more of a demonstration for the candidates' friends and family.
That's me in the middle. I'm about to take a severe beating from that man on the right. He's the head instructor at my dojo, and the owner's son. He earned his Bujinkan yondan that night -- after pummeling me into submission... Oh, and breaking three concrete blocks. I know, he looks way too young to be a lofty fourth degree black belt. But in Bujinkan terms, given how long he's been training (and how good he actually is), he's probably under-ranked. For those of you unimpressed by Bujinkan rank, he's also a BJJ blue belt.
What did I get for showing up Friday night? Bruises.

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