Thursday, April 08, 2010

Real Deal 1/6 Scale Dioramas

My interest in 1/6th scale action figures has caused me some good-natured (and some not-so-good natured) ribbing and teasing in the past. But the fact is, the detail at this scale can be amazing.
One of the community members at 1/6 Warriors recently posted photos of the commissioned work he performed for a Special Forces training school depicting some of the skills used by the Army special operations community.

The small dioramas were installed in a conference room at the school facilities. It's all top-notch work and the detail is amazing. The HALO jumpers have drama on their side, but the work it must've taken to put together a uniform and accurate CQB stack really impresses me.

Even if the materials bring a sense of whimsy to these scenes, the subject matter is sobering. I'm sure the soldiers who get to see these up-close will appreciate the work.

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