Monday, April 26, 2010

"This stuff will make you...

... a goddam sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like me."

Okay, just a follow-on to yesterday's post on the airsoft minigun. One of the many potential uses is as a prop for your Predator Cosplay. I give this guy a ton of credit. While many parts of this outfit are fairly easy to get... He obviously spent a ton on "Ole Painless" and watched the movie dozens of times to pick up on some costume subtleties. He's got a non-standard zippered pocket on his left sleeve, there's a leather or snakeskin hatband on the bush hat, and he remembers to wear the trousers unbloused in two of these shots. (As Jesse "The Body" Ventura could tell you, this is common for SEALs as it allows better drainage when you emerge from the murky waters to cause mayhem on evildoers.)

But he wears all black jungle boots -- which were not part of Jesse's costume, and I'm pretty sure weren't even in the supply chain in 1986. And, more importantly, is it just me, or do those BDUs seem too clean? I realize he doesn't want to have sweaty cammies while chatting up the hot models paid to be at the convention boothes, but he could wear them around a little, got them stained, maybe leave them out in the sun to fade.

And do you think he's got an MTV black t-shirt on underneath? That was so Rock and Roll...

Here's our friendly Faux-Blain with a Snake Eyes cosplayer. Ready to team-up and take on Cobra no-doubt. But is a portable minigun really the weapon to take along on a ninja-stealth mission? Well, I guess it's no more implausible than bringing all that weight along on a jungle rescue mission over terrain that "makes Cambodia look like Kansas."

Oh, and I sourced one possible vendor for your own Blain Bush Hat... But someone needs to let me know if you find a good source for the hatband.

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