Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Kick Ass Review; now in 1337

Awwsm, K1k4$$ rox! OMG!!!

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D3n, @11 734mup 70 f1gh7 M4f14...

Ok... someday, there will be a major critical dissection of this movie: but not today. It's so awash in geek culture references and social satire, I am still overwhelmed by it all. There is much more to this story than some kid dropping the "c-bomb."

The Big Daddy/Hit Girl relationship is a jumble of influences ranging from the campy, family friendly Adam West Batman and Robin days, to the pragmatism and sadisim of the Garth Ennis Punisher run, to the damned road to redemption walked by Lone Wolf and Cub. Some have seen a nascent "Lolita" nature to the relationship; but not me. I think those people are just looking for another perversion in this movie. Critics will endlessly argue whether or not there is genuine love and parenting in what must certainly be considered an abusive relationship...

But... WOW. For now, all I want to say is: Give us a Hit Girl spin off. That chick is a franchise in herself. And there a natural story about her constantly struggling to achieve a normal life -- heck, would she ever want a normal life?

Kudos to the Kick Ass cast and crew. You've pulled off a cult classic.

And no... I did not watch this movie for parenting tips, thank you very much...


PlainTom said...

I haz to agree with ya... I'd love to see a Hit Girl spin off from this movie. Give her a series, a movie ... anything to see that character again ! Awesome awesome AweSome !!!

jrf said...

Great. Now I've got European posters... I've gone international.

How's that volcanic ash cloud?

Thanks for the comment.

PlainTom said...

Hehe, don't really notice the ash in Norway in any other way that all flights have been canceled for quite a while now (Since I'm not to found of flyin I'm not really noticing it).

I've been following your blog for quite some time now. Me like :)