Friday, April 16, 2010

Annual Disclaimer

Occam's Broadsword has existed for a few years now. So even without really trying, a ton of information has managed to accumulate. Every now and then, I get a comment for an old post. That was one of the drivers for instituting a moderation process, so I'd know when a comment was being posted.

I received such a comment this week. The guy was upset about something I'd said two or three years ago. I went back and reviewed the post, and frankly, i don't see what the fuss was about, but obviously it was important to him.

So let's gather around for what seems to be my annual disclaimer:

Occam's Broadsword has an occasional staff of one: me. I do this for fun. The blog is for entertainment -- mostly, my own. I'm truly flattered that other find it amusing too. But essentially, the blog is my personal journal. I'm not naive. I know it's all posted to the mighty Internet, which is, in turn, connected to all things and accessible by the great, unwashed public. But I'm not actively seeking new readers or any profit from it.

Emphatically, Occam's Broadsword should not be considered a "news source." I know I make some timely announcements, and believe it or not I do make an effort to research my posts. But remember (please!): Staff of One! My research is hardly exhaustive. I make mistakes. And I can be ill-informed or misinformed. I'm happy to learn new information about topics I'm interested in, so if you know something I don't -- please post a comment.

However, there is no need to preface your comment with "Hey, dumbass..." or insult my direct parentage or heritage. Ad hominem attacks will not convince me your points are more accurate or correct. Righteous indignation is unnecessary. My prose may sometimes be snide and snarky, but only rarely am I intentionally insulting.

If for some reason you should find my humble website while doing academic research, please do not cite me as a source. I am more toxic than Wikipedia. I may point you in the proper direction, but please double check any information you find here against more reputable sources. You just don't know where anything found on Occam's Broadsword has been lying around previously.

Thank you.


Ben said...

I was thinking at the end you might put a pdf waiver to be printed out and mailed back to you, haha! Thank you, kind sir, for your posts.

jrf said...


But the fact is, you can't mandate common sense.

Stuff like this does push me to improve my posting habits in certain ways. It doesn't mean I censor myself unnecessarily or cave in to oxygen-thieves, but I do consider what I'm posting before I hit the "publish" button.

But once it's out there, it has a life of its own.

Avid Fan said...

hey dumbass,

quit apologizing!!!