Monday, May 17, 2010

Warrior Dash

So I got an email today from a younger friend of mine asking if I have any interest in joining him for Warrior Dash in the Fall.

I said, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Warrior Dash!"

It's a crazy 5k race over hay bales, wooden palisades, tires, through tunnels, through bogs, through mud (but under barbed wire). And the course he's looking at has a rappelling section.

Of course I'm interested! I'll need to increase my running distance, but I'm pretty certain I can be ready for a 5k race by the Fall.

Then he tells me there's an entrance fee! But it does cover a free turkey leg, a free beer, a free t-shirt, and a free "helmet" that looks like a Flintstones Water Buffalo Lodge hat. I said, "That stuff's not 'free.' You paid for it with your entrance fee." It's not that I don't mind making myself look foolish, or that I'm intimidated by the challenge of the 5k obstacle race. But I'm not keen on paying for the privilege of looking foolish. Still... I need to run this by Mrs. JRF.


Ben said...

That's probably a good zombie survival training opportunity...

jrf said...

You have me more worried about Terminators and Assassin Droids, buddy.

I also passed this by some of my dojo-mates to see if they'd be interested... I heard back that this is likely the weekend for our Fall Black Belt Test -- or at least the final preparations. So I won't be able to participate in the Dash. Maybe I can have the best of both worlds and train for the dash with my friends, and avoid paying the registration fee by not running the race!

It's just too bad we have to make choices in this world.