Sunday, May 16, 2010

Frazetta's Hyborian Age

I'll keep my commentary to a minimum here, since I've already discussed Frazetta's connection with Conan the Cimmerian, and some of the style involved in the illustration. The piece above, the cover for the Ace edition "Conan the Adventurer" is the print hanging in my home. I think it is the best all around example of Frazetta's Conan work at least for tone.

This is one of the most famous Frazetta paintings of Conan, and it was done to illustrate the short story, "The Frost Giant's Daughter." Here Conan dispatches her two brothers. It's been reproduced many times as book covers, album cover art, posters, prints, and comic books covers. It was the next print I hoped to buy when I last checked the Frazetta museum website.

Yes, according to Frazetta, this is a visual pun.

A pencil sketch. Frazetta not only painted covers for the paperbacks, but created pen and ink sketches, and pencil drawings for later editions.

Another of my favorites, although this is not the way the original painting appeared on the cover of Conan the Buccaneer.

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