Sunday, May 23, 2010


LOST will end its truly epic run tonight. I watched LOST very closely for the first couple of seasons, but as often happens these days with television shows and me... I was forced to make a choice -- train in martial arts, or stay home to watch TV. Of course, I chose training.

Schedules may have changed, but I was hopelessly confounded by LOST when I tried picking it up again. So I'm consigned to watching it all on DVD someday. I won't be watching the finale tonight, and I will try not to learn too much about how it all ends for the Oceanic passengers and their Other companions.

But in honor of this event, I want to say a word about Terry O'Quinn, one of LOST's most crucial actors.

Some of you may remember Terry O'Quinn appeared on two other sci-fi television series back in the 90's, The X-Files and Millennium. He even managed to get cast in the first X-Files movie, as the FBI Special-Agent-in-Charge who get blown up near the beginning. His Millennium character, Peter Watts, was a central character for moving the larger plot forward. And as a fan of that show's particular conspiracy, I started to really notice Terry O'Quinn on screen.

Not long after The X-Files movie was released, Terry O'Quinn wandered into the bookstore at which I worked. One of the other clerks got excited and came to get me. It wasn't all that unusual to have actors and actresses or other celebrities come through our store -- but it also wasn't an everyday event. (Someday I'll tell my Yaphet Kotto story...) I told the clerk we really ought to just let O'Quinn alone. But he convinced me we should say something. So we went to talk to him.

Terry O'Quinn was not a big star at the time. But he was almost as excited to have us recognize him and his work as we were to see him. He made small talk for a few minutes, and he signed autographs. I think he was a little tickled to do so. I think we helped him find some books too, but I don't remember what they were. O'Quinn was down-to-earth and a regular guy. I hope he's still a regular guy who's excited to find he has fans. I also hope he's not so surprised that he does have fans. He's obviously a hard working actor.

That's my LOST connection. It ain't much, but this seems the time to share it.

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Budd said...

You should definately catch up on the show. Not sure what I would have done if it would have interfered with my MA training. Found your site through looking up The Master tv series by the way. Practical Black Belt