Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frazetta Women

In addition to barbarians, Frank Frazetta was known for a certain way with women. The Frazetta woman is instantly recognizable by her obvious "charms." And although beautiful, most Frazetta women would find it hard to get work as runway models...

That's not to say a Frazetta woman is fat, but she does have some solidity to her. However, he knew people came in all shapes and sizes. Although his women all share certain characteristics, they do differ from each other and stand out as individuals. If Frazetta's barbarians show the raw power of primitive masculinity, he displays equal insight into primitive femininity. His women are sexual and sensual, but they are often both prey and predator. Is his Egyptian Queen trapped, or lying in wait? It's hard to say... maybe, like the chained leopard, she's a little of both?

Frazetta also understood this primal femininity had a playful side, and many of his erotic artworks display innocence and a sense of humor.

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