Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ready for Action


dan said...

have you been hearing those rumors that this movie is actually not as bad as it looks? Apparently some early buzz on it is quite favorable. Then again, that could be a new type of marketing hype: the studio puts the word out that their movie may indeed look like a piece of crap but in actuality it's not half bad.

jeez, I need to do a post on this...

jrf said...

Sadly, yes. I have been hearing those rumors. I've even seen some evidence to back it up.

But I don't believe them... yet.

I'm more prepared to tell Buzz Aldrin to his face that the moon landings were actually a NASA conspiracy than I am ready to believe this will be any good.

But... I'm still going. I can't stay away. I have to see the train wreck for myself.