Friday, July 10, 2009

Check out those pegs!

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie tie-in toys hit the store shelves last week. The official lay-down date was Tuesday, July 7th, but most retailers put the toys out on the more logical Friday, July 3rd to take advantage of the patriotic holiday shopping. (Nothing says patriotism these days like spending money in Target.) The above two-pack is something new I picked up recently, but is not part of the movie line. It's a "prequel" pack showing Snake Eyes in his ninja training with the Hard Master (Storm Shadow's uncle). I include it here because it is cool (as a ninja toy) and also because the Hard Master is in the movie!

Rather obviously I picked up a movie Snake Eyes: Ninja Commando. He comes in his solid black movie uniform, with bandoleer, katana, uzi and a backpack. The grey thing is a spring loaded missile launcher, another toy feature is a zip line. (Nothing says ninja like a zip line.) There is also a peg stand for the figure. There is also a Snake Eyes: Paris Pursuit that has been released. I'm going to try to pick one of these up because he comes in a cool black trench coat and includes a Timber wolf-pet. Whether or not Timber is in the movie... I don't know. I also know there will be at least one more version of Snake Eyes in arctic gear.

Look Dan! You can get a 1/12th scale Rachel Nichols of your very own. Paint her green if you want. I don't think she made it into the Star Trek movie toy tie-in line. I always buy a Scarlett to go with my Snake Eyes. This is Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara: Desert Ambush. She's wearing the black reactive armor from the movie. (Ummm, do you think they know why it's called "reactive" armor? No; probably not...) She has a detailed crossbow, a kid-friendly grappling hook launcher, and a rappelling harness. There is a version of Scarlett wearing the movie's blue/grey/black GI Joe camo uniform (Ugh-lee) but I didn't buy it yet. I'm hoping it's not too hard to chase down again.

I saw two versions of Storm Shadow, one wearing his mask and one without it. I came close to buying the masked one. I'm not thrilled with the Storm Shadow design for the movie. I understand some of the compromises they made to incorporate a ninja with an urban sophisticated look, but I think it could've been done better. Eventually I'll get the masked Storm Shadow. One of the really interesting things about this line is that it includes movie continuity versions of characters that do not appear in the movie. There is a pretty good Shipwreck, for example. (Although Shipwreck was rumored to appear in some versions of the script, his appearance in the film will be a real surprise to me.)

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