Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Oakley S.I. Assault Boot

Oakley is widely known form making sunglasses. Great sunglasses really. Sunglasses so badass that High Speed military types, cops, and elite shooters wear them as a badge,
Oakley also makes some really cool boots.
These boots come in black and desert tan. I think they look the most intimidating in black. Combat boots have come along way in the past 25 years. They use to be brutal on your feet. Now they incorporate the latest in running shoe technology with nearly indestructible toughness. (Of course, in real combat conditions, "indestructible" is a relative term...)
Check out these aggressive treads. Not only do they look meaner than an alligator, they look futuristic; like something off the feet of a Colonial Marine ready to do battle with insectoid xenomorphs.

That might be the reason they were chosen for Christian Bale in the latest Terminator flop-o-rama. These boots, in all their low-drag, high-fashion, pop culture glory can be yours for a mere $185 plus shipping and handling.

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