Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sideshow Red Ninja

Sideshow Collectibles recently announced the next 1/6 (12") figure in their GI Joe line will be a Cobra Red Ninja. Now, while this was bad news for the folks wanting more individual Joe characters to be released, and all of us waiting for the ladies (Baroness, Scarlet, Lady Jaye, Jinx...) to appear, I will be happy to place an order for one. I'm sure it won't be cheap. The other ninja figures in the line have hovered at $120. But my 12" action figure collecting has dwindled down to almost nothing, so I'm not dropping big bucks on toys like I used to do. And as a big ninja fan, I can justify getting this new addition to the display case. I really like how this figure is not simply a rehash of Storm Shadow done in red. It reuses some parts, but the costume is new and different.

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