Saturday, June 12, 2010

Should I hire the A-Team?

This seemed like a great idea. I mean... The A-Team. It's a perfect franchise to bring to the screen. The episode formula is can't miss. Plus, you get four quirky characters and they're matched to four interesting actors. It's well cast.

And it looks like a blast to film. Dang, I would've loved to be in a movie like this. Getting paid to shoot guns, knife fight, wear cool tactical clothing. Dream job. (Especially the risk free part...) No, I don't blame these guys for taking the job. I would've too, even if I'd read the script before hand...

You see... and technically these are SPOILERS, even though it's all available on released footage; The A-Team flys a tank. Yes. They fly a freaking tank. M1A2 Abrams main battle tank. They survive by landing in a lake. Yes. Free fall into a lake. I understand the concept of suspension of disbelief, but somethings just leap over the brink into obvious impossibility, both jumping the shark and nuking the fridge at the same time.
So I think I'll pass on this movie for the moment. Oh, I might watch it for free when it arrives on Spike TV (this is a movie tailor made for Spike). But I'm not going to contribute to the dumbing down of America by voting with my wallet for this ridiculousness.
Meanwhile, Liam Neeson is laughing all the way to the bank. He loves it when a plan comes together.

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Budd said...

I went with some people I know. I voted for Prince of Persia but lost. I had absolutely zero expectations, especially after seeing them on Raw, but I liked it. It was great and the flying the tank part might have been my favorite part. It doesn't play like nuking the refrigerator because there is enough set up that your suspension of disbelief has a huge threshold by that point. It will never win an oscar and it won't be on many people's favorite movie list, but it was quite a bit of fun and that is just the type of film it wanted and needed to be.