Friday, June 04, 2010

Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine?

One of the local television stations has been frittering away weekend afternoons by running old Frankie and Annette movies. I've had them on in the background while working in the basement. No, these aren't Oscar-worthy classics, but they are harmless, weightless, and vaguely amusing. Plus: 60's girls in bikinis! (Duh?)

Anyway, the station must be reaching the end of their library. They've worked through the well-known beach party movies and recently showed Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, a sorta James Bond spoof in which Vincent Price plays a villain using fembots to seduce rich men in the name of world domination.

Bad? Oh, yes. Incredibly bad. But Vincent Price apparently brought the surplus sets from The Pit and the Pendulum with him -- and remember: 60's girls in bikinis!

Although Price was well-known for bringing camp to his horror roles, I'm always a little disappointed to see him in full-on comedy. I suppose it's good he didn't take himself too seriously. Supposedly, one of his favorite acting gigs was his Batman TV appearance as "Egghead." Sadly, I missed the station's airing of The Conqueror Worm which finds Price in one of his great dramatic roles as England's self-proclaimed Witchfinder-General.

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