Friday, June 04, 2010

The Avengers Costumes Revealed!

Avengers Assemble! This week, Hollywood released reliable pictures of the costumes for the next two major Marvel heroes to hit the silver screen: Thor and Captain America.
Here's a full length shot of Thor. Yes, the image is photoshopped. It's a visual mock-up showing all the elements in place. So it may not be the "final" version...

In fact, this larger image similar to one released earlier seems to show the "chainmail-like" armor serves as Thor's pants too. That's good. I always thought more pants should be armored. Please not the blurry background image of the Trickster Loki sporting his comic book accurate horns.
There's a lot of heat going around about how Thor doesn't look Viking enough. Meh. That's true. But we're talking about MARVEL CONTINUITY Thor. He never looked all that authentically Viking to begin with. Plus, in the myths, it's very clear Thor is red-headed -- not blond. Let's take a chill here, folks. I think he looks pretty good for a comic book Thor.
But... no helmet?

Here's the photo-shopped Captain America. I don't think it looks too shabby. You'll note they did away with Cap's buccaneer boots. There's been some rumor that this is Cap's fighting outfit, and that he has a USO appearance outfit too -- maybe that's more like the comic book?
Rumors are also getting printed that they've signed a number of actors for notable minor roles, including a Dum Dum Dugan and a Hawkeye. Nathan Fillion is being floated as Hank Pym, Giant Man. Hmmm. We'll see, we'll see...

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