Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Training Injuries

I have had lots of minor training injuries. Knock on wood, I've only had one serious injury -- my torn ACL last year. I am currently suffering from one of my oddest training injuries: I have mat burn on my toes.

We were practicing kuzushi in newaza last night. We started in a kneeling position and pummeled for position, grappling to feel the loss of balance, or the overcompensation in the other direction to fight a push or pull. Somehow, in the midst of this, the tops of my toes got a nice mat burn and I rubbed off the outermost layer of skin.

I was uncomfortable last night, but didn't think much of it. This morning I staggered into the shower and as the hot water hit my feet, I had a very literal rude awakening. Right now I'm looking at the thin scabs on my toes! Very weird.

Do they make sock rash guards?


srb said...

And that is why I was wearing mat shoes during Sundays rolling session. I have rubbed chunks off of my feet one too many times.

Anonymous said...

Just stick with it, it goes away eventually, when I first started judo my feet were soft like the rest of me from 10 yrs + booj(feet stuck in tabi all the time), you're feet harden up if you keep doing newaza. just keep em clean and tape them up until then.

jrf said...

This is what I was telling one of my training partners last night who was extolling the virtues of the new Hygens footies. I figure they'll eventually toughen up. I'm a martial artist, I've got to expect some little physical inconveniences like this; it's part of the trade. What a little callous?

BTW, I do own a pair Hygens and they're okay. But unless it's really cold (like one of my training haunts can be in the winter -- no heat) I typically go bare foot. I gave up on tabi when we started incorporating more groundwork.