Sunday, June 14, 2009

Neck Knife

This is my latest acquisition: the AG Ringer Hawk from Columbia River Knife & Tool. It's a minimalist knife designed by cutler A.G. Russell. It was on sale last week, and the knife is being discontinued by CRKT. I picked it up for $13.95 plus shipping and handling. The knife is a solid piece of steel and the handle is designed to fit around the first two fingers. The tail provides some stabilization due to leverage against the third finger. The whole thing fits like a miniature brass knuckles. The two inch blade sticks out from the first at not-quite-a-right angle.

The sheath is a sturdy zytel and the ball chain was included. I'll probably replace the chain with paracord, which is more comfortable and quieter. The knife stays secure in the sheath thanks to an impression that acts as a hook on the first finger ring. I find the knife a little difficult to draw from the neck position. First, it's awkward to angle the fingers into the holes. Second, the latch for the knife takes up some of the room for your finger. Third, the hawkbill blade must be tilted to leave the sheath. I'll try to practice some more, but I'm not sure I'll get a smooth draw out of this design. That makes it somewhat awkward for the primary purpose of a neck knife like this: last ditch self-defense. I'd want something really quick on the draw in a situation that bad.
Once the knife is in your hand, however, this is a real monster for its size. It's like you have a tiny velociraptor in your hand. The blade is sharp and pointy. My self-defense guru told me to get a hooked neck knife because by the time you need it, the bad guy is in too close for a big blade. All you'll need to do at this point is rip and tear like crazy to inflict damage and make the guy get off of you. I think this will do the job.
Now... knife laws vary. I'm giving you the self-defense lowdown, but wearing something like this in your jurisdiction might constitute a concealed weapon. Moreover, the fact you've got something this vicious hidden on you might be considered premeditation if you use it in self defense situation. OTOH, it was $13.95... That's some pretty damn cheap insurance...

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