Sunday, October 21, 2007

Renn Fest

So I just returned from my state's Rennaissance Festival, or Renn Fest, as insider's call it.
I've been almost every year for ten years. I'm not one of those people who gets all dressed up in costume, but I do enjoy watching the people who do get dressed up.

I take my daughter now. The Renn Fest is a celebration of imagination, romance, and chivalry; all values I'd like my daughter to learn. She likes the pony rides, the knights and horses at the joust, and watching the funny people.

When I go, I try to switch off my inner historian while I'm there. Otherwise, my head will explode. Nominally, the period for the Renn Fest is the reign of King Henry VIII, or the 1500's. But in practice, anything goes. Everything from Vikings, to Crusaders, to Pirates of the Caribbean. This year's outliers were a British Paratrooper from WWII, and Boba Fett. Yes, that Boba Fett.

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