Friday, October 12, 2007

Megaforce Patch

The Official Megaforce Patch.


Anea Barer said...

I am on a quest to find one of these patches for my husband, any ideas where a girl could find one? My quest has been an utter failure thus far.

jrf said...

Sadly, no. I believe the designer has retired these patches. Keep checking eBay. "Morale Patch" is a good generic search term.

Now for the saracstic portion of the post:

But why are you looking for this?

If he's already MegaForce, then he can't wear the patch. The first rule of MegaForce is: Don't talk about MegaForce. I'm not even sure he can be in the same room as a MegaForce patch as it might give away his secret identity.

If he's not MegaForce, then he shouldn't wear the patch because he'll just look like a poser. Do you want your husband to look like a poser? i think MegaForce only allows these patches to exist in order to spot posers.