Monday, March 29, 2010

Nature Points Out the Folly of Men


No, that's not the sound of fleeing citizens of Tokyo. That's the sound of monster movie buffs screaming in horror at the announcement that there will be another American made Godzilla movie.

No word on whether matthew Broderick will be in it. No word on whether or not the iguana-spawn Godzilla will be back. All that we need to know is that some Americans are going to try to make a Godzilla movie. The only thing worse would be Toho Studios making a Western in Japan with Japanese actors.

Yep. That how closely identified Godzilla is with the milieu. He can't be separated from it. You'd think "Giant Monster" would translate better. But it doesn't. He's as Japanese as samurai. I mean, you wouldn't make a samurai movie about a round-eye would you?

Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting Tom Cruise. But that just proves my point!

Some things don't travel well. Unlike Guinness, which travels fine, but definitely tastes better the closer you get to St. James Gate.

Look: attention American movie producers. You want to make a quintessentially American giant monster movie? Film The Call of Cthulhu. The fans are waiting for it.

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