Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Foray into 3D Movies

Okay, maybe not my first taste of 3d film. I did see a little gem called Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone back in 1983. And no, I did not break down and see Avatar. Instead, I took my daughter to see How to Train Your Dragon, based on the kid's book of the same title. It was my first experience with the modern 3D process in a mainstream theater.

I did not expect to like either the movie, or the technique very much. Boy, was I wrong. The plot ain't much, but it's clever enough, and sweeps the kids along. And, as is standard in animated kids films these days, there are a couple of jokes intended to sail right over the kids' heads.

But what really, really blew me away was the flying sequences. The hero and the dragon eventually make nice and learn to fly together. What can I say to do it justice? You will believe a dragon can fly. With the stunningly realized visuals enhanced by the 3D rendering, the only thing missing was the feel of wind in my hair to make it seem real. This was worth the price of admission for me.

The modern 3D technique really is an improvement over what they used back in the days of Jaws 3D. It fooled my daughter. Things have never popped off the screen for me at the 3D experiences. I don't know if that's my perception, or everyone's. Last Thanksgiving, I took in the 3D Muppets movie at Disney World, and there were some kids nearby reaching out to touch the imaginary objects onscreen. I did perceive the screen as a window into a 3D world. And thankfully, the colors aren't distorted the way they were with the red/green lens of yesteryear.

The only thing I could complain about, if 3D really is the future, is that the theater I visited tacked on a $3 surcharge for the 3d movie. I had to wonder: what am I really getting for those $3 extra? The glasses?

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