Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some "Figures" you'd be interested seeing in action...

What would Snake Eyes be without his girlfriend, Scarlet?

Maybe it's not the comic book outfit, but I think it works pretty good.

For those of you who asked about whether or not I have anything "slutty" for your Barbies... Sure. Check out this part of my Cobra Command contingent. That's a Baroness on the left in the leather catsuit.

Here's a close-up you can print out for your demented fantasies, boys. That head is from one of Barbie's friends and placed on a BBI female body.

This is a BBI action figure of the comic-book character, Shi. It's a stock figure, not a custom.

I hadn't taken my figures out of the display cases or storage boxes for a couple of years until I needed some Snake Eyes pictures for the blog. But you guys must like the photos of my toy collection. I can tell because you comment more about these than on the martial arts topics.
I realize my toy collection must seem a little... odd. That's okay. At least I'm not watching Star Trek videotapes, or hiding weapons in every room of my house. I'm not criticizing; we're all a little quirky around here I guess.
Really, this is nothing. If you want to see obsession, you should visit OneSixthWarriors and check out what other people do with their figures. Most of what you see there are more like model kits than toys. The hobby has come a long way since I sidelined my collection two or three years ago. You might start with this: a "historically correct" ninja custom action figure...


J. Tiberius Kirk said...

Step into the 21st century, Star Trek is out on DVD. Video tape is so last milenium.

jrf said...

True, but I know Shinobi.wind is still watching the Beta videotapes he made off TV back in 1978 -- commercials and all!

And that's who I was thinking of when I wrote that.

Anonymous said...

Your toys are perfectly normal. The rest of us are to ashamed to play with or display them publically.

The Kemp Mill Maggot said...

They don't make commercials like that anymore. Kemp Mill Records is breaking records all the time.