Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More of the Silent Master revealed.

This is one of Hasbro's most recent Snake Eyes action figures, with his sword-brother Storm Shadow.

This is my "semi-custom" Snake Eyes action figure. The base figure is, in fact, a 12" Hasbro Snake Eyes; so the headsculpt was relativly easy. The other parts came from various manufacturers, which I put together to get this effect. The jumpsuit, for instance, is a wetsuit from a SEAL figure. I did have to get some modeling tape to make the Arshikage/I-Ching symbol on the shoulder. I based the figure off the comics... You'll note the simularities between my version, and the movie costume.

Mmmm... More Snake Eyes goodness from the movie... There are some subtle differences between the equipment here and the equipment in the first pic I posted.


billy from down the street said...

mr. jrf,

now that you are a taylor for dolls can you make something a little more slutty for my sisters barbie doll.

thank you,

b. obama said...

oh great maker of dolls..... make me a love doll that will last and hold up. i am allergic to latex.

little ninja johnny said...

jrf sir,
i admire you cause you have lots of action figures. i got alot too. my mom says i have too many. does your mom say that? kids at school tease me because of all my action figures. do kids at your school do that? i hope not. words hurt. anyway i made a cool skit with my figues. check it out and tell me what you think. give me advice too if you want. snake eye rules!