Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last Blood?

Sly Stallone apparently thinks there's still some life left in Rambo. I've had a couple of Vietnam Era vets tell me they're interested in seeing this. Why not? Old guys can still kick ass too. I watched Las Vegas on TV for the first couple of seasons because James Caan is still an old school tough guy. Too bad he realized he was slumming, or maybe he got tied of hanging out with hot starlets all day long?

Stallone use to be a pretty good screenwriter. And given the times, we could use a movie about what draws some men to risk their lives as warriors. This could've been a vehicle for that kind of rumination. Especially since the last time we left Rambo, he was happily helping to install the Taliban as the power in Afghanistan. And we, naively, we all proud of him at the time. But from all I've seen, this looks to be a hyper-violent action fest with only a veneer of social value.

Strike that -- if the official marketing use's death metal chanting "Let the bodies hot the floor!" then there's probably no socially redeeming value.

This is pretty cool bonus footage I found and have no other real place for right now...

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