Sunday, January 06, 2008

History Channel's Other Cool Show

My interest in Human Weapon already well-documented here on the Blog, I thought I'd put in a plug for the other cool show on the History Channel: Monster Quest!

I grew up watching "In Search Of..." and still get excited about 30-year old reruns when I find them on the air. So this show hit a soft spot for me.

Now, let me state upfront that I don't necessarily believe in the phenomena. After all, the simplest explanation is usually the most likely in these weird situations. Fortunately, half the fun for me is to hear and see the stories; the other half of the fun is suspending my disbelief for the length of time it takes to watch the shows. And a small percentage of the fun comes from hearing from folks who make comments like this.

And before I start to look like some kind of shill for the History Channel... The Discovery Channel has decided to pay the ultimate compliment to Human Weapon by coming up with their very own version of the show -- Fight Quest! Here's a listing of the upcoming episodes. Check out the FAQ's in which one question actually is: How will your show be different from Human Weapon?

Who cares? We all get to see two more guys' perspective on training in some of the major martial arts styles on the planet. That's awesome. I've also caught a couple of episodes of Discovery's Last One Standing, following a group of athletes around the world as they compete in native sport competitions, including several wrestling events.

What I'd love to see next is a show that puts one or two people into a single traditional martial art and follows the training for a whole season. Every season, the show changes arts. Hey! Maybe I should pitch that idea to Discovery or the National Geographic Channel?

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shinobi.wind said...

But wouldn't that require you to step out of the shadows of the secret Ninja training camp to produce a show for cable TV.