Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Siegfried", or, "Holy Crap! Why Isn't This a Movie?"

This truly gorgeous, animated trailer set to music from Wagner's Ring Cycle is for a French graphic novel.  It is not a movie trailer.

Why not?  This is fantastic, amazing, stupifying!

Wagner's intention with the Ring Cycle was to create a complete work of art within the media of his day -- hence an Opera, in which all the arts of the theater and orchestral music combined.  But surely animated films fit this bill also?  Perhaps even more so, as they bring in elements of the fine arts that fade more into the background of the theater.

Even if we streamline the Operatic version of the story back to the original Germanic epic, we probably lose nothing, and gain one heck of a Barbarian-Conquers-All tale complete with Grim Gods, Dragons, Magic Swords, Barbarian Princes, Valkyries, dwarfs...  Set it to old school, Disney style animation and we're truly talking a modern epic work of art!

Why isn't this being made?

Well, enjoy what we've got.

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