Monday, April 23, 2012

Hot Toys Captain America: Modern / Avengers

Oh, Hot Toys...  You mock me.

I did not buy your Captain America: The First Avenger action figure because, although I liked the costume design very much, I liked the Avengers uniform even better.  I looked at your price tag for the WWII Cap -- $169.99 -- and thought, "I can't afford two figures.  I must choose only one.  Choose wisely..."

It certainly looks like waiting for the Avengers figure was the wise choice artistically.  This is a truly amazing figure.  The sculpt is wonderful, the uniform looks tight, and the articulation is up to snuff.  This is a figure that would look awesome posed in my display case.  A fitting tribute to my favorite super hero.

He even comes with a choice of shields, one shiny and new, and one battle-damaged paint job.  (The shield itself is, of course, indestructible.)

But the cost?

$214.99???  Excuse me, but: WTF?

The figure had better be indestructible for that amount!  I should be buying a screen accurate 1/1 scale Cap uniform for that!

Ugh.  Oh, Hot Toys...  You mock me.  You mock me with maniacal laughter...
And you should be made to pay for such arrogance.

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