Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SuckerPunch teaser

I have zero hope that Sucker Punch will be a good story. However, I am prepared to sit back, leave my disbelief at the door to the theater, and drink in the crazy quilt of visuals.

What's not to like? Pretty girls, automatic weapons, wire-fu, mecha, giant samurai, ork stormtroopers, helicopters, dragons... I'm sure I'll be happy so long as the explosions keep coming.

Film is a visual medium, and while I appreciate a great story with all the Aristotelean unities, sometimes a shattering dream- or nightmare-scape can fill the bill just as well.

Here is an animation "inspired" by the steampunk, nightmare version of World War I trench warfare in which dead soldiers are turned into Industrial Age techno-zombies.

You know... those guys have more than a passing resemblence to WH40K Death Korps of Krieg... Where's my epic WH40K live-action movie???

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