Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nathan Fillion is Awesome!

Nathan Fillion is a cult classic in a leading man's body. He gives up an interview in tomorrow's Parade Magazine. Here are some excerpts I loved:
P: Let's hear a few more of your geek credentials.
NF: I have a trophy case that contains all of the action figures ever made of me. It also has items I've stolen from my movies, like three guns and holsters from Serenity. And a steampunk lightsaber that somebody made me.
P: I hear you have a man cave as well.
NF: Yes, it has a big ol' TV and one of those gadgets that let you press a button and watch in 3D with the glasses on. It's also got an Xbox, I'm a Halo: Reach guy. And artists I've met at sci-fi conventions have sent me some beautiful posters from stuff I've done. I'm better-looking in them than I really am, so those are good to have.
P: What are you reading now?
NF: A novel I've already read three times, World War Z, by Max Brooks. It's an oral history of a 10-year zombie infection 10 years after it happened. It's terrifying.
Isn't he awesome???

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