Friday, December 04, 2009

Modern Warfare

Let me tell you something. I'm old enough to remember when the kid across the street got Pong in his house. That was some serious cool. I had Pac-Man fever. Atari games? No way; I was all over Activision.

The guy across the dorm hall from me was techno-geeky enough that he had both Nintendo and Playstation. The 1.0 versions -- or damn close to it. I spent many an hour in his room playing games. but that was also about the same time I got uninterested in video-gaming.

The controls got too complicated. They added buttons. Now the contollers have more buttons then players have fingers. Why? Added interactivity, of course. But all the "push left twice, while simultaneously mashing A, then C, and finally B three times" in order to pull off a super-special finishing move was just too much for my mind to transmit to my fingers. So I eventually quit playing.

But have you seen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? It's a vertible thing of beauty. Get the prestige edition and you get working NVGs! (What's an NVG? watch the video...)

I'm serious thinking about going out and getting an xBox... Fortunately for my wallet, I don't have the money right now for the system and the game. I might be able to afford going to the mall to salivate over the box.

While we're on this topic, let me say I'm looking forward to the Matt Damon movie Green Zone. The trailers look pretty good, and it's been awhile since I got a decent techno-thriller movie. I need a Bourne fix, and this looks pretty close.


Sky Ninja said...

Sadly , I too quit gaming when the controllers got too complicated. What a shame because there are truly games out there now that seem like they would be fun to play if I had twenty fingers. Or, the passion to learn the intricate button combos.
As far as this one, I have alot of co-workers who play this game. They all get online at once and have play dates. Then talk about it at work.

I am holding out for holodecks to be made. With Virgin working on space tourism, they can't be far behind. Hope I'm not too old when they finally come out.

Sorry I will miss end of year training old friend. I am watching my partner's German Shepherd til the new year while he is somewhere else. Traveling with two of them would be tough for me.

Merry Christmas Bro!

jrf said...

You have co-workers who play this?

That's hilarious. I'm just curious if any of them will later count these as participating in "realistic, joint training operations" when they open their own RBSD shops... Or if any of them get into arguments over how realistic the game really is.