Sunday, August 10, 2008


Have you heard about these? The geek in me is pretty excited. These are the EyeClops Night Vision goggles using 65-Year-Old infrared technology to allow you to see out to a possible 50 feet in total darkness for the low price of $80. And you'll be able to get them at ToysRUs.
The headgear uses invisible lights in the infrared portion of the spectrum to illuminate the area in front of the wearer. The goggles themselves translate the infrared light into a visible image. This is "active" night vision since you actively have to shine the infrared light. Modern night vision technology is "passive." It amplifies any existing light (visible or infrared) to create the image for the viewer.


ninja_in_training said...

Classified as toys...when will they start selling katanas?

jrf said...

I realize it's a "toy." However, it's still $80 night vision goggles. How cool is that!

If you're in a position to require the latest and greatest in NVG/NOD technology, then you'll probably be issued a night vision by your dear Uncle Sam, or you'll be motivated to shell out the big bucks for the latest thing.

But this is real night vision technology, readily available and affordable.

I'd already have mine in pre-order but I'm skeptical enough to want to see some consumer reviews before I sink the money into them. I'm still smarting from my airsoft AEG rifle experience.

ninja_in_training said...

Cmon, jrf, you can use them when you mess around with your fx lightsabers...