Sunday, December 16, 2007

Human Weapon: Ninjutsu

I have not yet seen the Human Weapon episode focused on Ninjutsu. I did see the preview available this week on their website, so I know they did not spend all their time with the Bujinkan.

I'll be eager to see the episode at my earliest opportunity, and perhaps I'll have some comments after that. Hopefully I won't need to become too much of a Boojie Apologist...

Anyway... These are some comments from one of the Bujinkan members who participated. I'm sure there will be plenty said in the near future about the episode, and lots of people will say very negative things because it fits their agenda. But if you bother with my blog, maybe you'd care to start by reading someone who was there.

You can see what we are saying about ourselves here.

And you can see what the hardcore fans of Human Weapon think here.

And, of course, the obligatory "reality" check with Bullshido...

Keep training, folks.

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