Sunday, April 03, 2011

Paul Vunak's Rapid Assault Tactics & Edged Weapons

I haven't been writing much on my martial arts practice these past few months. I haven't given up, in fact, I expanded my practice. In January 2010, I started regular BJJ classes. My exposure and practice of BJJ had been sporadic up until then. Let me be honest, my taijutsu dojo's owner and head instructor was adding to his own arsenal by practicing BJJ and using us as grappling dummies. We showed enough interest, and his own practice of the art advanced to the point where first his staff started taking lessons and getting ranked, and then classes were offered to the main student body.

In late May-early June, 2010, a good friend of mine started his quest to build a martial arts instruction business and began offering Jeet Kune Do (JKD) classes. His line of instruction goes through Paul Vunak's organization, and he is certified to teach Vunak's Rapid Assault Tactics and Edged Weapons curriculum. "RAT" is a stripped down version of JKD, and was developed back in the 80's as a combatives program for the Navy SEALs. The Edged Weapons curriculum was developed for similar reasons. I'm really enjoying expanding my martial arts practice. I think these two additional disciplines are meshing nicely with my old taijutsu training, and filling in some important gaps. Here's a video of Vunak teaching an edged weapons seminar:

Here's a video of Vunak discussing his philosophy of edged weapons:

Given that my buddy is just starting out, I'd probably be remiss not to post his teaching POC information:


Website -- I suspect he's been updating his Facebook page with the most recent information, but this may still be helpful for background info.

Here's Paul Vunak's website for deeper info on the system.


Sky Ninja said...

Still looks like alot of complex motor movement that won't be available when the heartrate climbs to over 175 bpm(Harvard Motion Analysis Clinic's findings, not mine).

Reality based training has shown that muli-step knife fighting and defense tehniques such as these are BS(my findings, not Harvard Motion Analysis Clinic's).

Get a shock knife and some safety equipment and try it for yourself folks. By "it" I mean real time dynamic training. Grappling doesn't work... multi-step kata and techniques don't work... feel good black belts mean nothing. The stuff that Mr. Vunak and his ilk is peddling is going to get you hurt, in my opinion.


Just my 2 cents. Good to hear from you again jrf. I been worried about you.

jrf said...


I am posting Sky Ninja's comments because I completely respect where he is coming from.

I'll also note that he has the bona fides; he knows what he's talking about.

Still, let me say a couple of words in response:
a.) RAT and basic edged weapons are far more stripped down than classical taijutsu. This is good.

b.) The videos are intentionally flashy. Flash sells. What Vunak and his senior students can make "work" in a seminar demo after decades of practice is different from the simple philosophy of "Defanging the Snake" continually emphasized in lessons. The lessons also do consist of dynamic drills and sparring to provide Alive training and feedback.

So let me re-emphasize that I enjoy my lessons, it's an excellent work-out. I believe the material is relevant and practical. What I am looking for in my training is not necessarily what Sky Ninja is looking for. We have very different needs.

I would suggest anyone in the area interested contact my friend, JB Jaeger, through the links I provided. Might I change my opinions later? Certainly. My opinions have changed over time already -- and partially due to Sky Ninja's input.

OR, you can take Sky Ninja's advice, which should cause you to google The Crucible to see when their next civilian course becomes available. It's going to depend on what you are looking for too.

Budd said...

I have done some of the Vunak stuff. It is pretty stream lined but requires a lot of drill work.

If you are fighting with edged weapons, you are going to get cut. Vunak's stuff comes from Kali/Escrima which is probably as good as your going to get for edged weapons.

I believe Vunak has bar fight tested most of his stuff.