Sunday, October 25, 2009

GI Joe: Resolute DVD coming soon

I didn't see GI Joe: Resolute when it was aired on Adult Swim, but it has a fantastic pedigree and awesome word of mouth. The DVD is being released next month, and I can't wait!
Here's the trailer for it.
The feel is much grittier than the old cartoons. As you can plainly see, people don't get shot out of their airplanes and parachute to safety. Nope, bullets and blades word very effectively in this cartoon.
The story was written by Joe neophyte and Badass poet Warren Ellis. 'Nuff said.


Mark Lane Kingsley said...

GI Joe... Wolf Man... Patrick Swayze= Zero comments. WTF jrf? Why do you suppose no one is commenting? Is it you censoring out comments, or is no one inspired to comment on these stunningly non-intresting topics? Or is it your lack of caring anymore? Hell, I will be suprised if anyone but you and I even see this comment.

Give us something... something else.

jrf said...

I suspect no one is inspired to comment on these stunningly non-interesting topics. And they are non-interesting; aren't they?

But hey, no thoughts on the new banner at the top?

Anonymous said...

I like the new banner

jrf said...

Thanks. I like the new banner too.

mlk said...

you had me at " the new banner" sweet poet. thank you for getting back to us. have fun with your family and enjoy disney. maybe you will confirm or deny the exsistence of the underground disney for me. nice work on the doll painting.

the wolf is at the door. hurry back.