Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The new GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra trailer...

They are losing me quickly. Can we please learn from the X-Men and Wolverine movie experience? Don't give me a trilogy of mediocre movies before you finally deliver the goods: let's just cut right to the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow movie. Seriously. I have zero interest in 90% of what I see in this preview.

Give me ninja and I'll be plenty happy.

Ninja = entertainment.

Oh, I'll go see this crap, but I'll be crying through most of it.


Cornell Johnson said...

I would LOVE a Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow movie, but it would be kind of hard to sell a movie where the main character doesn't speak. Unless of course we're talking an origin story, in which I have to wonder, who could play Snake Eyes.

Dan Dorman said...

John, this trailer gave me diarrhea...and I hate diarrhea.