Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Most Awesome Band in the Universe

Journey AT the Center of the Earth...

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jrf said...

Let me just say, "Sorry."

The thing about writing is, you have to have something worth writing about. That requires you to actually go out into the world and live a little. Unless you're content to regurgitate warmed-over talking points about why Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar, or Obama's lack of resume and executive exeprience. These things go without saying, why add to the cacophony?

Anyway, I decided to take a short break from writing the blog because I needed more time to explore the world. I've been spending some time with my family, and done some interesting martial arts training over the past couple of months.

I made a couple of quick posts just to make sure I hadn't forgotten how. It's good to see that they garnered an immediate response -- negative or otherwise. (Gee, thanks, Mom. I didn't know you read the site. Did you have to throw me under the bus?)

Summer is, unfortunately, coming to an end faster than any of us would like. I'm feeling the writing bug creep up on me again. I expect to be back at the keyboard on a regular basis in just a few weeks.

When I return, I'll tell you all about the training changes at the dojo, the teen self-defense classes I've been assisting with, a couple of good seminars I attended, and my other big summer fun.

In the meantime, I recommend anyone who is able to watch the HBO series, "Generation Kill." I'm sure you've already seen "The Dark Knight" by now.