Sunday, September 23, 2007


A what?
A Baneblade. This is a tank from the fictional Warhammer 40K Universe. Man does not live on martial arts alone. In case you forgot, I spend some downtime building models and painting them up. While a hardcore, hard charging type would argue this steals valuable training time, I say that even Musashi carved statues of Kwannon, Goddess of Mercy, and painted. I find this activity relaxes and centers me, and acts almost like meditation.

Anyway, the big news in the 40K world is "Apocalypse," a rules supplement allowing for games that would literally take up your living room floor. Hundreds, if not thousands of little toy soldiers on each side are the norm in these games. In this scale game, super-heavy armor comes into play. The Baneblade is the standard super-heavy in the game, and they are releasing an official, plastic model

Shown here are various previous incarnations of the Baneblade.

These are big models.

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