Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jason Statham, and the Last Action Hero

Entertainment Weekly ran a festure article this week on English he-man, Jason Statham. I'm betting that while this actor may still hae too low a profile inside Hollywood, most of my readers have seen one of Mr. Statham's movies: Transporter, Transporter 2, Crank, and are waiting for the chance to see his newest -- War, with Jet Li.

The EW article made no bones about the fact that Mr. Statham is hungry to be the next big Action Hero; just like we had back in the glory days of the 1980's. Mr. Statham himself sees parallels between his ambitions and a certain Governator of California...

Most exciting was the news that the producers of the GI Joe movie are considering Mr. Statham for a role in their movie. Who could it be? No word. But my money is on my hero and role model: Snake Eyes. And since Jet Li's name has been linked to Storm Shadow over the years, that means War may be a preview for the brotherhood of GI Joe fanboys. Of course, Mr. Statham may, in fact, take a page from Ahh-nold's playbook and play the villain. He could just as easily be the Scottish arms dealer, Destro. After all, he's got the abs to show off in that ridiculous V-neck outfit. The women will swoon.

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