Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sayoc Kali

Ok, now this guy is a megaforce all by himself...

My recent posting of pekiti tirsia kali videos got a lot of positive feedback, so I'm going to post some more links to clips of Sayoc Kali (or, as I hear, just "Sayoc" now).

Sayoc is a Filipino Martial Art (or, FMA) emphasizing the use of bladed weapons.

Now, the video quality sucks... I can't do much about that. Often it doesn't look "pretty." Sayoc has a pretty good knife fighting reputation.

I also can't explain why so many of these Sayoc guys are lardos... Maybe they were too fat to take up Tae Kwon Do?

Ok, ok, ok. Here are some bonuses for those of you (Sky Ninja? MLK?) who were disappointed with the Sayoc. Oh, and did I tell you guys that I started competing in MMA matches? I sure did, here's a video of my very first match! The good news is, I win! I'm so megaforce, baby.

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sky ninja said...


Glad you are back in the blogging saddle and posting some new and very intresting things.

I am concerned that you mention my name in the same breath as MLK however. That individual sounds like a doosh.

Oddly enough, I was actually at that NAGA fight where the guy shit himself. I was working the ring right next to his (take it easy- not as a ring girl) and it was funny as hell. That poor bastard.

Something about martial arts and fighting brings out the scat in folks. Animals too apparently. When the bears in "Grizzly Man " fight..... they crap themselves too.

Thanks for the girl fighting clips.

Also.... not for nothing but for anyone who cares.... Christa J has updated her site. It is kinda HOT!!!!

Don't believe the hype about Sayoc. I got to try it out and it is nothing earthshakingly different. There is nothing new under the sun. And besides... Seeking combatives instruction from a fat karate teacher is like seeking diet advice from Rosie Odonell. Or maybe like marriage advice from me.

Just my opinion. But it's like my uncle used to say to me, "Opinions are like assholes. Now come over here and let me finger you opinion."

Remember kids-"Martial arts are something you do with others. Combatives are something you do to others."