Sunday, May 06, 2007



For some reason, this snippet has become quite controversial on the Web. Apparently, the lookie-loos are disappointed in Dale's exhibition of technique. I've seen plenty worse... Plenty. (Most often in a mirror, but not always...)


Sky Ninja said...

I really saw nothing wrong with this snippet. It is what it is. I think you'll find that the folks who find fault with it couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. It's like a bunch of Trekkies fighting over the exact words in different episodes of Star Trek.

I have worshipped at this alter long enough to know that It is what it is. Our job as students is to make it what we want. What works for us. What gets us through.

We have both been to enough Bujinkan functions to see that we could probably kill most in attendance. And those we couldn't... we wouldn't want to because they are our friends and teachers.


This is just my opinion now, but I have a feeling that being a warrior is a little more than dressing in black karate clothes with tabi shoes and mimicking 900 year old kata. We all have our reasons for doing what we do.

Judge none too harshly old friend.

jrf said...

Thank you.

My take on the controversy is this:

Many of the most negative comments center on Dale's "poor" technique.

"Combat" may not be exactly the right term to use here, but consider this... It's an unrehearsed attack from an amateur -- always the most dangerous and unpredictable opponent. Dale is able to successfully thwart the attack, execute a throw/projection, and not inflict a serious injury. Not bad really...

We've all heard that using this stuff for "real" will mean it won't look pretty. Well, there you go. Not pretty, and in effect, "real." How many of the critics can do the same so successfully in the same circumstance (i.e. in front of a camera).

On the other hand, another opinion I heard is that Dale should've "set-up" the situation better. Manipulating events is also a Ninja skill. Just another perspective.

Sky Ninja... We need to talk. I may need some advice from an old warrior...