Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The House of Cash, or "I fell into a burining ring of fire."

Last Tuesday, Johnny Cash's house in Tennesee burned to the ground.
He and his wife June Carter Cash lived there their whole married life. They owned two other homes, including one in Jamaica, but this was a unique, one of a kind house which they always considered home. They were the only family to live in the house.
You may have glimpsed the home if you ever saw Cash's "Hurt" video.
He wrote many of his final songs in the house.
In the movie "Walk the Line," when Cash literally stumbles onto the house being built, it marks the start of his long, slow turnaround from drugs and despair.
After Cash died, the house was sold to one of the Brothers Gibb (yes, of the Bee Gees...), but it was being renovated before occupancy when it burned down.
The only thing left now are the chimneys.


Anonymous said...

We got both kinds of music here...

Country and Western

marty_stuart said...

I read a comment about the fire that went something like, "No one else was meant to live in that house. It was Johnny's and June's home."

p. doody said...

hmmm... sounds like being a hasbeen dico singer doesn't pay as good as getting your homeowner's policy from a guy in Jersey who's name ends with a couple vowels. forgeddaboutit