Sunday, February 04, 2007

Litigious Dorks

Put your hands in the air if you've heard of Konigun Ninjutsu. Anyone?

I thought as much. This appears to many to be another group of wannabe ninjas who mix a little mumbo-jumbo together with second-rate karate and call anyone who questions them a bunch of liars and spoilsports.

The problem is... they sue people who have the nerve to ask questions about their legitimacy. Okay, I won't ask any questions, nor will I call them frauds. I will simply post a link to their website and you can decide for yourselves... You shouldn't need a Ph.D. in Japanese History to smell something fishy.

Now, you might ask why they would sue anyone about this nonsense. Easy, they want someone to be the straw man so they can get a court in the United States to certify that they are a ninjutsu system. Consider this, can you prove, to a reasonable person to the standard of "more likely than not", this negative: Konigun is not a ninjutsu system? Keep in mind that the average, reasonable person has no clue about martial arts, let alone the complicated history of ninjutsu. You'll need to prove there was no mysterious, lone Konigun ninja who taught the current master before dying and leaving no trace -- as a good ninja would.

Also keep in mind that it is still difficult to prove to elite, highly educated martial artists that Bujinkan and the other X-kans are teaching legitimate ninjutsu. (Especially since I don't think Hatsumi will be willing to leave Japan with the authentic densho to produce what evidence he can to a court of law.) At a minimum, Konigun walks away from a law suit with "proof" that the X-kans are no more legitimately "ninjutsu" than their art. And they can use that in their phony advertising.

What is it they say about wrestling pigs in mud?


Bobby Trippe said...

I think met these guys durring a weekend canoe trip in Tennessee with my friends.

They were a pain in the ass.

l. ron hubbard said...

i trained with these arse clowns once. just tired old warmed over bujinkan stuff mostly. nothing new. in fact, it was much like a tai kai in that it was a big ole sausage fest. at least the trekkies (trekkers...sorry) have some chicks at their shin digs.

jrf.... if got any pull with the 21st century ninji- please tell them to do some marketing to the ladies. am still trying to get into a seminar with christa out in kansas city. dammit all.

Anonymous said...

L. Ron Christa's got something going on every month.. try this link

Lonny said...

First "Nude Tai Chi", then "Nude Yoga"! Maybe we can get Christa fir "Nude Ninjutsu"!

jrf said...

Anonymous, you're right. Someone please let Sky Ninja know there is still time to get into the March Hojojutsu seminar, in which Krista will tie him up!

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone sign up for Anshu Christa's monthly newsletter?